Community Cultural Center Prosveta 1937

The main activities of the community center “Prosveta” include cultural, educational and library activities, collection and preservation of local folklore and customs of everyday life. The goal of the community center is to create habits in younger people to preserve for future generations the local folklore and traditions, as well as to attract visitors to the region.

During the past five years Prosveta Center has participated in all projects of Satovcha municipality in territorial cooperation programs in different capacity. Prosveta Center completed successfully in its capacity of Project Partner 3 the project Folklore bridge in the framework of Greece - Bulgaria 2007 - 2013 Program together with Satovcha Municipality (Lead partner) and Kato Nevrokopi Municipality (2011 - 2013). The role of PP3 was to conduct a multidisciplinary expedition for the identification of the resources and to develop programs for summer schools, which will attract new visitors to the region. For this purpose significant improvement to its resources was made - supply with equipment for its repetition and performance halls, supply with mew folklore costumes and musical instruments, etc.

The Cultural Center was involved as participant in the activities of another project of Satovcha municipality related to tourism and cultural heritage, and namely connecting ages with the future PHARE BG-MK 2005. The project created the municipal museum and the cultural center was a major participant in the activities.

In this project Prosveta Cultural Center is responsible to conduct most of the soft measures of the project – production of the publicity materials and conducting of publicity activities.