Satovcha Municipality

Satovcha municipality has extensive experience in the field of CBC, and in particular for the utilization of natural and ciltural resources for sustainable development.

Two EU PHARE CBC BG-MK Projects were implemented successfully, both of them related to the utilization of natural and cultural heritage for sustainable development, including for the development of tourism. The tangible results of these two projects are: a) a tourism center very close to the village of Satovcha which is operating successfully as a place for accommodation, trainings and workshops and the infrastructure was recently upgraded by the municipality and b) the municipal museum collection in the center of Satovcha village which is managed by local teachers and is developing and enriching constantly.

Through the IPA BG MK Program 2007 - 2013 Satovcha as the partner of Lipkovo municipality implemented successfully a project devoted to the exploration of the water as an attraction for tourism development to complement the other existing tourism attractions. The improved infrastructure in the center of Satovcha village and the visualized attractions are adding value to the efforts of the municipality to implement their strategy for sustainable tourism development.

In the framework of the EU program for territorial cooperation Greece Bulgaria 2007 – 2013 a summer folklore school was developed. The infrastructure for it is the combination of a new building for the school in Pletena village and significant amount of equipment for the Community Cultural Center Prosveta 1937 in the same village, which now is one of the project partners. The role of the municipality was the management of the infrastructural aspects of the project implementation.

The role of Satovcha municipality in this project is to manage the infrastructural aspects of it and to ensure the sustainability of the project results. The soft measures are included in the responsibilities of PP3, as it was successfully implemented in the GR BG project.

However, Municipality of Satovcha strictly follows the accepted mechanisms for coordination and collaboration for the implementation of the full project. Satovcha municipality will also share its experience in the project management and also implementation of similar CBC projects.. The municipality of Satovcha hired part of the management team of the project and will host one of the management meetings of the project and will participate in all other activities.