Lipkovo Municipality

The municipality of Lipkovo has previous experience in territorial co-operation actions. Namely, the municipality of Lipkovo has already completed two cross-border projects Macedonia-Bulgaria and the implementation of a cross-border project from the programme Macedonia-Kosovo is ongoing. The Mayor as well as the local administration are fully committed in further participation in and implementation of the available EU programs (including the cross-border programme between Bulgaria and Macedonia) and devote much of their resources (administrative and financial) in developing adequate project proposals in many crucial areas for improvement the quality of life to the citizens.

As Lead Partner, municipality of Lipkovo fully respects its obligation as stated in Partnership Agreement (A.2) and Subsidy Contract (C). Particular focus will be given to: ensuring correct implementation of all planned actions, monitoring progress of Project output indicators and results, taking all actions necessary for timely reception of subsidy, collecting all information and documents in accordance with the Managing Authority’s monitoring and reporting principles; reporting to JTS the project progress and dully apply for reimbursement of the Project eligible expenditures, etc.

Additionally, municipality of Lipkovo provides a project office fully equipped with all necessary equipment (furniture, PC, telephone and internet) thus allowing for a smooth implementation and management of the project.