Ex-post on-site monitoring at Lipkovo

On July 10th 2019, an ex-post monitoring control has been performed at Lead Partner’s premises and on the spot of the constructed local road in Lipkovo by JS branch office Strumica staff. The ex-post control concluded that there is adequate documental evidence of the implemented activities and that the constructed local road in Lipkovo is maintained and used according to the requirements of the Subsidy Contract.

During the visit it was explained that the project partners (Municipality of Lipkovo and Municipality of Satovcha) have continued their cooperation even after project completion. For example, a new joint project application has been jointly developed and submitted to the Second call for proposals under BG MK CBC programme in May 2019. The proposed application aimed to addresses (1) joint actions on awareness-raising and sharing good practices and experience, use of advanced technologies, training and education, communication and information activities on climate change consequences, and (2) to implement measures to maintain the river banks and protect from floods. Unfortunately, the project has not been approved for financing, however, partners are committed to update and submit it to some other donor organizations active in the region.